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Toys For Tots

The holiday season is approaching us, our holiday shopping list are pretty full for our families and friends.  I want to ask you to add one more item to your holiday shopping list, a toy.  I am working with BuzzNTheBurgh & AD2 Pittsburgh to collect toys for Toys For Tots. Continue reading “Toys For Tots”

Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us once again.  We have busy lives & none of us really feel like dealing with the crowds.  So put those PJs on after work and just Amazon those gifts! Continue reading “Holiday Season”


Guess it is about time I join the SnapChat movement!! Continue reading “SnapChat”

Quick Simple Breakfast

We ran out of bread this morning & I needed to make something quick for breakfast!  Not only that, but we had three people with three different needs!  Continue reading “Quick Simple Breakfast”

Steel City Clothing Company

Check it out, I write for a Pittsburgh Blog, right now they are giving away one lucky person a $50 gift card to a new clothing company called Steel City Clothing Company! Continue reading “Steel City Clothing Company”

Noodle & Company 20th Anniversary

What better way to celebrate Noodle & Company 20th Anniversary than with a FREE Mac & Cheese. Continue reading “Noodle & Company 20th Anniversary”

Amazon Trade-In

Have a bunch of old stuff laying around your house you really don’t want, but want to get paid for it?  Check out Amazon Trade In. Continue reading “Amazon Trade-In”

Toothbrush of the Month

Just about every company has a cool box of goodies that you can have shipped to your door, make-up, clothes and even organic snacks.  But, what about something actually useful??  How about toothbrushes?  Continue reading “Toothbrush of the Month”

Tuesday the 29th I start my new job as a Developer @ Elias Savion!  Help me celebrate my new job by helping me fill my new snack drawer!


FabricBunches Instagram

My friends over at FabricBunches just started using Instagram & to help promote is doing an Instagram giveaway! Continue reading “FabricBunches Instagram”

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