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Thanks iBotta For $20.50

This past week I was able to cash out from iBotta and receive $20.50!
Continue reading “Thanks iBotta For $20.50”


Spice Up Your Fridge

Don’t leave your fridge bare, or fill it with random magnets from your local Pizza place! Fill it with these fun magnets that will get everyone talking! Continue reading “Spice Up Your Fridge”

Be A Death Wish Coffee Winner!

Who doesn’t love coffee? I know it’s my life blood, especially in the morning!  Here is your chance to win COFFEE! Continue reading “Be A Death Wish Coffee Winner!”

Every Day Is Taco Tuesday!

My favorite food TACOS! To me, every day is Taco Tuesday! Continue reading “Every Day Is Taco Tuesday!”

Don’t Pay Full Price At The Pump

Seriously; don’t pay full price! Save yourself a minimum of 50¢ per fill up with the Shell Fuel Rewards! Continue reading “Don’t Pay Full Price At The Pump”

Truth Behind UFOs

Looking for a new blog to follow? Check out Truth Behind UFOs by Jason Akers. Continue reading “Truth Behind UFOs”


Beer; the delicious drink everyone loves! IPA, StoutLager or Ale; you name it I love it! Continue reading “BEER BEER BEER!”


GUESS WHAT!! Noodle & Company now has a rewards program! Continue reading “Noodles REWARDS”

Ad 2 Pittsburgh August JUICE

Are you looking to network in Pittsburgh? Well, come to the Ad 2 Pittsburgh JUICE tonight! Continue reading “Ad 2 Pittsburgh August JUICE”

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