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Toothbrush of the Month

Just about every company has a cool box of goodies that you can have shipped to your door, make-up, clothes and even organic snacks.  But, what about something actually useful??  How about toothbrushes?  Continue reading “Toothbrush of the Month”

Tuesday the 29th I start my new job as a Developer @ Elias Savion!  Help me celebrate my new job by helping me fill my new snack drawer!


FabricBunches Instagram

My friends over at FabricBunches just started using Instagram & to help promote is doing an Instagram giveaway! Continue reading “FabricBunches Instagram”

$25 To S. N’Son Printing

Check out this awesome printing company here in Pittsburgh called S. N’Son Printing!  They print all the things you need for super low prices, but at high quality.

Continue reading “$25 To S. N’Son Printing”

20 Fun Coffee Mugs

Here are 20 Fun Coffee Mugs you can give as gifts, some are funny, crazy shaped, nerdy and some just plain weird! Continue reading “20 Fun Coffee Mugs”

Richard B. Knight

Looking for something new and interesting to read?  Well check out this author Richard B. Knight who just released his new book Clean Hands. Continue reading “Richard B. Knight”

Who seriously doesn’t love snacks?! (more…)

What To Post?

Have something you would like me to post about?  Maybe a recipe for me to try and recreate or try?  Maybe even a gift list of 20 things (insert here)?  Well guess what I’m taking ideas and you can submit them to me below!   Continue reading “What To Post?”

20 Gifts for a Baker

Looking for that perfect gift(s) for the baker in your life?  Well look no further I have you covered, here is a complete list of 20 items every baker wants to find in there kitchen.   Continue reading “20 Gifts for a Baker”

Stuffed Portobello Mushroom

After a long day out in the hot sun swimming we needed something quick and delicious for dinner.  I decided to make us Stuffed Portobello Mushroom with a side of french fries!  It was super easy and quick to make, taking less than 10 minutes to prepare.  Continue reading “Stuffed Portobello Mushroom”

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