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Don’t Pay Full Price At The Pump

Seriously; don’t pay full price! Save yourself a minimum of 50¢ per fill up with the Shell Fuel Rewards! Continue reading “Don’t Pay Full Price At The Pump”



Beer; the delicious drink everyone loves! IPA, StoutLager or Ale; you name it I love it! Continue reading “BEER BEER BEER!”

Ad 2 Pittsburgh August JUICE

Are you looking to network in Pittsburgh? Well, come to the Ad 2 Pittsburgh JUICE tonight! Continue reading “Ad 2 Pittsburgh August JUICE”

Receipt Hog Cashout!

A little bit ago I signed up for an app called Receipt Hog; take a photo of your receipts, upload and receive coins!  After so many coins are collected you turn them into an Amazon gift card or PayPal cash! Continue reading “Receipt Hog Cashout!”

Weird Stuff on Amazon

Seriously; have you ever just hopped on Amazon went looking for something & found things you never should have seen? Like really; like what the hell just happen here?  Continue reading “Weird Stuff on Amazon”

Ad2 Pittsburgh Annual Game Night

Looking for something to do on the evening of August 31st?  Why not join Ad2 Pittsburgh & PRSA Pittsburgh at their Annual Game Night. Continue reading “Ad2 Pittsburgh Annual Game Night”

July Amazon Prime Day

That’s right another Amazon Prime Day, on July 12th.  That’s just a couple days away! Continue reading “July Amazon Prime Day”

Amazon Dash Button

Technology is progressing every day, 10 years ago I never would have thought I would have done most of my shopping, even grocery shopping online.  Today my family buys almost 50% of our items off of Amazon, a couple of those items are purchased with an Amazon Dash Button. Continue reading “Amazon Dash Button”

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