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Port Authority Get it Together

Seriously Pittsburgh Port Authority, get your system together!! After how long you’d think you’d have protected something to be on time & at least functioning sometime! Continue reading “Port Authority Get it Together”


It Is Not How Hard You Work

Growing up they tell you work hard, learn & do the best you can be. If you do that you are sure to go places in life. Continue reading “It Is Not How Hard You Work”

Social Media Overshare

I’m seriously all for social media, sharing my life with others. Especially since a lot of my family and friends don’t live close. But there are some things you just don’t share publicly! Continue reading “Social Media Overshare”

Bad Public Transportation

I take the T (train) to and from work everyday, sometimes on the weekend. But when their is an accident or something is wrong they are so bad at taking care of the issue!!

Continue reading “Bad Public Transportation”

Winter Birthdays

I never realized just how horrible they were! When planning to have a baby I didn’t think planning a party would be such a pain or a bunch of people say “Yea I’m definitely not coming”. Continue reading “Winter Birthdays”

102 Days in Pittsburgh

We have lived in Pittsburgh for 102 days now.  I have seriously enjoyed everyone of the days I have been here.

Continue reading “102 Days in Pittsburgh”

Dear Parents

I’m all for you taking your children to school, but the rules of the road still apply to you!! Continue reading “Dear Parents”

Answer Your Email

One thing that aggravates me more than anything is when people do not answer their emails & especially Buisness. Continue reading “Answer Your Email”

iPower Even Worse!

I didn’t hear anything from iPower last night, I was waiting and waiting.  Then this morning I go back to their support link to check the ticket. Continue reading “iPower Even Worse!”

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