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Be A Death Wish Coffee Winner!

Who doesn’t love coffee? I know it’s my life blood, especially in the morning!  Here is your chance to win COFFEE! Continue reading “Be A Death Wish Coffee Winner!”


Every Day Is Taco Tuesday!

My favorite food TACOS! To me, every day is Taco Tuesday! Continue reading “Every Day Is Taco Tuesday!”


GUESS WHAT!! Noodle & Company now has a rewards program! Continue reading “Noodles REWARDS”

Turn Stars Into Drinks

Every time you pay for your Starbucks with the app; you earn stars! Eventually, you turn those stars into FREE drinks! Continue reading “Turn Stars Into Drinks”


Don’t feel like driving for food? Want the food delivered to you, but the restaurant you want doesn’t have online ordering? Don’t worry sign up for UberEats and have food delivered right to you! Continue reading “UberEats”

July 4th Flag Brownie

Happy Birthday America!  Hope everyone is enjoying their July 4th.

We celebrated by baking a brownie, adding cream cheese frosting and adding blueberries and strawberries to make a flag. Continue reading “July 4th Flag Brownie”

20 Email Gift Cards For Dads

Tomorrow is Father’s Day, don’t forget the special dad, uncle and/or grandfather in your life something special. Continue reading “20 Email Gift Cards For Dads”

Amazon Dash Button

Technology is progressing every day, 10 years ago I never would have thought I would have done most of my shopping, even grocery shopping online.  Today my family buys almost 50% of our items off of Amazon, a couple of those items are purchased with an Amazon Dash Button. Continue reading “Amazon Dash Button”

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