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20 Email Gift Cards For Dads

Tomorrow is Father’s Day, don’t forget the special dad, uncle and/or grandfather in your life something special. Continue reading “20 Email Gift Cards For Dads”


Noodle & Company 20th Anniversary

What better way to celebrate Noodle & Company 20th Anniversary than with a FREE Mac & Cheese. Continue reading “Noodle & Company 20th Anniversary”

National Donut Day

Who doesn’t love that nice little round dessert called a donut?  The first Friday of every June is National Donut Day!  That means this Friday we have the chance to celebrate that delicious dessert.

Continue reading “National Donut Day”

Starbucks Refer a Friend

So right now if I refer a friend to Starbucks rewards program that friend receives a FREE drink & I will receive 6 gold stars.  Continue reading “Starbucks Refer a Friend”

National Coffee Day

Today, September 29, is National Coffee Day!! Continue reading “National Coffee Day”

102 Days in Pittsburgh

We have lived in Pittsburgh for 102 days now.  I have seriously enjoyed everyone of the days I have been here.

Continue reading “102 Days in Pittsburgh”

National Soft Serve Ice Cream Day

Can you believe that soft serve ice cream was actually invented on accident? Because one man had a broken down ice cream truck? Continue reading “National Soft Serve Ice Cream Day”

Please vote for Bethel Bakery, for the Best Cupcakes in Pittsburgh (click here).  If you had a chance to taste one of Zoie’s amazing Tutu cupcakes @ her TuTu & BowTie Party you know how yummy they are.

Also, if you live in Pittsburgh make sure you stop down to try their other yummy treats.  5200 Brightwood Rd, Bethel Park, PA 15102
Bethel Bakery TuTu Cupcake for Zoie-Lynne's 6 Month Birthday

Johnny Rockets

Since we’ve moved to Utah we’ve wanted to try Johnny Rockets, a restaurant right down the road from us. Continue reading “Johnny Rockets”

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