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20 Best Easter Gifts For Boys

Need a couple extra gifts for that little guys Easter Basket?  Check out these 20 gifts under $20 for his easter basket!!
Continue reading “20 Best Easter Gifts For Boys”


Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us once again.  We have busy lives & none of us really feel like dealing with the crowds.  So put those PJs on after work and just Amazon those gifts! Continue reading “Holiday Season”


Please vote for my design on Threadless. 10 days to get enough votes to get funded! Please vote and then spread the word. Continue reading “RAWR-A-SAURUS”

A Boy and His Corpse

Looking for something to read? Looking for something FREE to read? Well today only you can download A Boy and His Corpse. Continue reading “A Boy and His Corpse”

National Bow Tie Day

August 28th is National Bow Tie Day!!  As 11 would say Bow Ties Are Cool.

The coolest accessory to make anyone look cool.  Make sure to rock your Bow Tie, or just rock one on your shirt like BabyKrompholz. Continue reading “National Bow Tie Day”

Follow @YourMomEatsMayo

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, @YourMomEatsMayo.

I need to get 200 followers to gain points for my Digital Black Belt. A program that gets you to learn about the digital age & stay up to date. There are different tasks & this is one of them.

There are different levels like in karate, I’m trying to get to Green, because we get prizes & that prize is an iPad.

So please follow me & then tell your friends to follow me. Thanks in advance.

Let’s Get #Friday Started

Have my Doctor Who mug full of coffee & my Mycroft Holmes coaster ready to protect my desk. Let’s code this day away!!


Ghostbusters Turns 30

1984 the year apparently everything vintage and cool was made/established. One of my favorite movies turned 30, Ghostbusters. Continue reading “Ghostbusters Turns 30”

Happy Birthday Tetris

My all time favorite game, Tetris turned 30 today. Continue reading “Happy Birthday Tetris”

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