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Beer; the delicious drink everyone loves! IPA, StoutLager or Ale; you name it I love it! Continue reading “BEER BEER BEER!”


RAWR! Dinosaur

Dinosaurs are my favorite, and RAWR means I love you! Continue reading “RAWR! Dinosaur”

Every Week is Shark Week

Shark Week is over; but why can’t every week be like Shark Week?! Continue reading “Every Week is Shark Week”

Unicorn Love

Unicorns have always been cool majestic creatures, but lately, they’re on top of the charts.  With the Squatty Potty Unicorn to the Starbucks Unicorn Frap! Continue reading “Unicorn Love”

Weird Stuff on Amazon

Seriously; have you ever just hopped on Amazon went looking for something & found things you never should have seen? Like really; like what the hell just happen here?  Continue reading “Weird Stuff on Amazon”

2nd Annual Birthday Toy Drive

Just a couple more weeks left to donate a toy and/or book to the birthday toy drive!  Last day is July 15th! Continue reading “2nd Annual Birthday Toy Drive”

20 Fun Coffee Mugs – V2

As promised I added to the 20 Fun Coffee Mugs! From the Octopus to the

Continue reading “20 Fun Coffee Mugs – V2”

Happy 27th!

My birthday is in just a couple days & to celebrate I want to give away multiple gift cards to my store! Continue reading “Happy 27th!”


Looking for some great online deals?  Checkout! Continue reading “PatPat”

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