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2016 Kidney Walk!

It’s that time of year again;I will be participating in the National Kidney Foundation’s  2016 Kidney Walk! Continue reading “2016 Kidney Walk!”


Toothbrush of the Month

Just about every company has a cool box of goodies that you can have shipped to your door, make-up, clothes and even organic snacks.  But, what about something actually useful??  How about toothbrushes?  Continue reading “Toothbrush of the Month”

National Lemonade Day

Those hot summer days are here, leaving us parched and sweaty. In summer there is just one drink that quenches our thirst, sweet and delicious lemonade. June 12th (tomorrow) we celebrate this delicious nectar with National Lemonade Day. So squeeze those lemons life has handed you, add sugar, water & optional vodka, raise that glass and enjoy.       Continue reading “National Lemonade Day”

As you know I participated in the National Kidney Walk last year @ the Pittsburgh Zoo. Well they just started taking registrations for teams, so I decided to create a team, TEAM PANDA. (more…)

National Running Day

Today, June 3rd, is National Running Day.  So lace up your shoes, put those running shoes on, fire up that Charity Miles app and get out there and run.

Continue reading “National Running Day”

Zoie and I are participating in the Pittsburgh March For Babies walk with Brunner.


Kidney Walk in 23 Days

Hey everyone don’t forget that James, Zoie and I are participating in a Kidney Walk for the National Kidney Foundation at the Pittsburgh Zoo on November 2, 2014. Continue reading “Kidney Walk in 23 Days”

Halfway There!!

I am currently raising money to walk in the National Kidney Walk in November and I’m halfway to my goal of $200!! Continue reading “Halfway There!!”

8th Day

Yesterday was my third day raising money for the Kidney Walk, Brunner will be participating in November 2nd at the Pittsburgh Zoo.

Continue reading “8th Day”

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