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National Hot Dog Day

When we think of a summer American food, what do you think of? Hot dogs, grilled to perfection with those black grill marks. Which is why on July 23rd, we take the time on this summer day to celebrate this classic food with National Hot Dog Day. Continue reading “National Hot Dog Day”

Are You Ready for Prime Day?!

Tomorrow is Amazon Prime Day!  Are you ready for all of the deals you could ever dream of?? Continue reading “Are You Ready for Prime Day?!”

National Piña Colada Day

It’s summer, what better way to enjoy a hot evening than with a delicious blended Piña Colada? Well July 10th is your day, it’s National Piña Colada day, so fire up those blenders! Continue reading “National Piña Colada Day”

National Martini Day

When you think classic American cocktail, just one comes to mind a martini with three olives. We celebrate this American classic on June 19 with National Martini Day, by stirring ourselves a nice martini and raising those v-shaped glasses high. Continue reading “National Martini Day”

International Sushi Day

Sushi, seriously my favorite food of all time!  All my favorite foods in one little roll, what isn’t to like?  Thursday June 18th, we take the day to celebrate this amazing Japanese dish. So raise your chopsticks and give this great dish a hand, it has come a long way in the past couple years. Continue reading “International Sushi Day”

National Lemonade Day

Those hot summer days are here, leaving us parched and sweaty. In summer there is just one drink that quenches our thirst, sweet and delicious lemonade. June 12th (tomorrow) we celebrate this delicious nectar with National Lemonade Day. So squeeze those lemons life has handed you, add sugar, water & optional vodka, raise that glass and enjoy.       Continue reading “National Lemonade Day”

Red Rose Day

This Friday is National Red Rose Day, we celebrate this day to honor America’s most popular flower. June is also the time that the Red Rose is in full bloom with its vibrant colors. Continue reading “Red Rose Day”

National Running Day

Today, June 3rd, is National Running Day.  So lace up your shoes, put those running shoes on, fire up that Charity Miles app and get out there and run.

Continue reading “National Running Day”

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