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Every Week is Shark Week

Shark Week is over; but why can’t every week be like Shark Week?! Continue reading “Every Week is Shark Week”


Unicorn Love

Unicorns have always been cool majestic creatures, but lately, they’re on top of the charts.  With the Squatty Potty Unicorn to the Starbucks Unicorn Frap! Continue reading “Unicorn Love”

Business Cards

Business cards are such a fun project to work on; they are a fun item to give for people to get into contact with you & remember you. If you’re looking to update your design or need one created email me today! Continue reading “Business Cards”

Amazon Dash Button

Technology is progressing every day, 10 years ago I never would have thought I would have done most of my shopping, even grocery shopping online.  Today my family buys almost 50% of our items off of Amazon, a couple of those items are purchased with an Amazon Dash Button. Continue reading “Amazon Dash Button”

20 Best Easter Gifts For Boys

Need a couple extra gifts for that little guys Easter Basket?  Check out these 20 gifts under $20 for his easter basket!!
Continue reading “20 Best Easter Gifts For Boys”

Check out this list of candy alternatives for toddlers!  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s 20 Easter Gifts For Boys Under $20!

Source: | Toddler Candy Alternatives for Easter



I’m currently hosting a $60 gift certificate giveaway to TSetzler Designs. Continue reading “Giveaway”

Quick Simple Breakfast

We ran out of bread this morning & I needed to make something quick for breakfast!  Not only that, but we had three people with three different needs!  Continue reading “Quick Simple Breakfast”

Steel City Clothing Company

Check it out, I write for a Pittsburgh Blog, right now they are giving away one lucky person a $50 gift card to a new clothing company called Steel City Clothing Company! Continue reading “Steel City Clothing Company”

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