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Yep Randomness.

Thanks iBotta For $20.50

This past week I was able to cash out from iBotta and receive $20.50!
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Don’t Forget To Follow!

Loving my blog? Well, why not follow it?

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Unicorn Love

Unicorns have always been cool majestic creatures, but lately, they’re on top of the charts.  With the Squatty Potty Unicorn to the Starbucks Unicorn Frap! Continue reading “Unicorn Love”

Weird Stuff on Amazon

Seriously; have you ever just hopped on Amazon went looking for something & found things you never should have seen? Like really; like what the hell just happen here?  Continue reading “Weird Stuff on Amazon”

20 Best Easter Gifts For Boys

Need a couple extra gifts for that little guys Easter Basket?  Check out these 20 gifts under $20 for his easter basket!!
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Guess it is about time I join the SnapChat movement!! Continue reading “SnapChat”

Free Cone Day

April 14th is FREE cone day at Ben & Jerry’s.  Who doesn’t want a nice cold cone to relax after filling out those taxes! Continue reading “Free Cone Day”

Hollow Pumpkin

What happens if you let a pumpkin sit for 158 days? Continue reading “Hollow Pumpkin”

I’m Thankful For…

In the year of 2014 what is Tiff thankful for?

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