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Turn Stars Into Drinks

Every time you pay for your Starbucks with the app; you earn stars! Eventually, you turn those stars into FREE drinks! Continue reading “Turn Stars Into Drinks”


Amazon Dash Button

Technology is progressing every day, 10 years ago I never would have thought I would have done most of my shopping, even grocery shopping online.  Today my family buys almost 50% of our items off of Amazon, a couple of those items are purchased with an Amazon Dash Button. Continue reading “Amazon Dash Button”

20 Best Easter Gifts For Her

Don’t forget to put together a special Easter Basket together for the women in your life.  Let’s pamper her and let’s show her just how great she is. Continue reading “20 Best Easter Gifts For Her”

20 Easter Gifts For Him – Under $20

Easter is right around the corner, I know right?!  Here are 20 Best Easter Gifts For Him Under $20!  Stay tuned this week for Her, Boy, Girl & Baby! Continue reading “20 Easter Gifts For Him – Under $20”

Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us once again.  We have busy lives & none of us really feel like dealing with the crowds.  So put those PJs on after work and just Amazon those gifts! Continue reading “Holiday Season”

Amazon Trade-In

Have a bunch of old stuff laying around your house you really don’t want, but want to get paid for it?  Check out Amazon Trade In. Continue reading “Amazon Trade-In”

FabricBunches Instagram

My friends over at FabricBunches just started using Instagram & to help promote is doing an Instagram giveaway! Continue reading “FabricBunches Instagram”

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