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What 21 Items Do You Want?

I need topics, and I need your help!

Continue reading “What 21 Items Do You Want?”


Turn Stars Into Drinks

Every time you pay for your Starbucks with the app; you earn stars! Eventually, you turn those stars into FREE drinks! Continue reading “Turn Stars Into Drinks”

RAWR! Dinosaur

Dinosaurs are my favorite, and RAWR means I love you! Continue reading “RAWR! Dinosaur”

Don’t Forget To Follow!

Loving my blog? Well, why not follow it?

Continue reading “Don’t Forget To Follow!”

Every Week is Shark Week

Shark Week is over; but why can’t every week be like Shark Week?! Continue reading “Every Week is Shark Week”

Unicorn Love

Unicorns have always been cool majestic creatures, but lately, they’re on top of the charts.  With the Squatty Potty Unicorn to the Starbucks Unicorn Frap! Continue reading “Unicorn Love”

Free $5 Amazon

Want $5 from Amazon?  Really a free $5.00! Continue reading “Free $5 Amazon”

Receipt Hog Cashout!

A little bit ago I signed up for an app called Receipt Hog; take a photo of your receipts, upload and receive coins!  After so many coins are collected you turn them into an Amazon gift card or PayPal cash! Continue reading “Receipt Hog Cashout!”

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